Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Computer Hostpital

This week our poor laptop spent the week in a bag of rice! Koen while watching Curious George spilled a little water on it and of course it got all over the keyboard that he had previously taken most of the keys off of!! we took the battery out and stuffed it in a bag full of rice and left it there for 4 days. Earlier in the week Koen had shoved marshmallow into the usb port on the key board that I bought to replace the one he popped all the keys off of and he broke open the mouse trying to get to the "pretty light". He is pretty busy with destroying stuff and last week it was my laptop! I was nervous about weather it would work still or not since Kevin is headed to China, I did not want to be without my online outlets while he is gone for two whole weeks!  I am happy to report that the laptop was released from the bag of rice earlier this morning and is expected to make a full recovery, including the use of a now put back together mouse and a clean once again USB port on the keyboard!

We are very blessed to have Koen in our home, he keeps things interesting and keeps me on task! We have implemented quite a few new "house rules" due to some of his more clever antics! I am also for the first time going to have to put locks on my doors to keep my child in!! A few days ago we had a great amount of snow in our yard and Koen was able to get out in it without a coat or gloves on, thankfully he had on shoes and he started crying once his hand got cold. The terrible thing about him being able to let himself out is that our doors are locked so that you can't get back in! So once he is out he is stuck until I realize he has escaped! Thank goodness our back yard is fully fenced and he can't get out the front door because it is to heavy, I have put bells on the doors to alert me of his break out attempts, but the last time he went out I watched him hold the bell silent!!! I have now put the bell higher than he can reach!! Koen has a devious little mind, and I mean that as a compliment. Sometimes I will allow him to do things I know he shouldn't just to see what he is going to come up with, I have been very surprised by him at times.

Monday, March 5, 2012


Friday school let out early due to impending severe weather and expected tornados in our area. I got the children off the bus and we began to make preparations in our cellar so that if we needed to go down there it wouldn't be to awful. I had the kids gather a change of clothing including socks and shoes and an extra warm jacket, we also gathered blankets, candles, flashlight, first aide supplies, board games, and food. Once we got everything packed into the totes we waited. Lexmark asked everyone to please go home so I went and picked up Kevin, then he vacuumed  the cobwebs out of the cellar so that we wouldn't have to deal with that. I made taco soup and the kids watched a movie, the sun was shining and the sky was a little cloudy but nothing looked to scary. Still the news said the storm was coming and that we should be prepared, so prepared we got!

I feel very blessed that the storm decided to pass by us but not touch us, and even though we were prepared we did not need to use any of our supplies! Kevin had teased me about some of the supplies that I had included in my tubs (toilet paper) but after reading of the destruction all around us he decided it was wise, since there was always a chance you could be trapped if something landed on the cellar door and we couldn't get out. I am grateful for the experience of being able to work with my family to get ready for this storm and every time we prepare for one we are a little more prepared for the next one. I am glad that we have never had cause to use our emergency supplies! And even though I did  feel a little foolish putting all these things in tubs "just in case" I am glad that I did, sometimes those bad things pass us by simply because we are prepared, and other times we are going to desperately need that preparation. So the lesson that I learned form this little experience is that I would rather feel foolish and be prepared or over prepared than be foolish and found lacking the necessities at the crucial moment!

The Wizard of Oz!

So recently Julianna, Kaiden, Evelyn, & Keith all decided they would like to try out for a children's production of the Wizard of Oz here in Georgetown. The day of the auditions came we walked in and Keith decided he did not want to try out anymore, we filled out the paper work on the other three they got their pictures taken and were waiting to do their reading when Kaiden and Evelyn both decided that they didn't want to try out either. Long story short Julianna was the only one to go through with the audition! She got a part as a munchkin and she is very excited for the rehearsals and performance, this is a large production so she will have rehearsals for 2 1/2 months before the production date in May.

This experience has got me thinking about my children and my perceptions of them. If you would have asked me who would have the easiest time at the auditions I would have guesses Kaiden, he is a ham and always likes to be performing for people. I would also never have guessed the Evelyn would become to shy to share her talent for drama with others. It makes me realize that we each have hidden depths that are not obvious to others, not even those who know us the best. These hidden strengths and talents are fun to discover in my children and it just goes to show that each of us has unmeasured potential. I believe that our Heavenly Father is the only one who truly knows what we are capable of and that is why it is so important that we don't judge each other. I think to often our perceptions of others are skewed by a single incident or conversation and we don't allow for personal growth. If we constantly try to fit people into the boxes that we perceive they should fit into then we will miss out on all the wonderful things they could have offered! I would never have suggested that Julianna audition for a play, of all my children she seems the least like me. However after I sat and talked with her about her feelings and experiences with performance she is EXACTLY like me! Her description of her feelings right before she steps on stage and what it feels like during the performance are exactly what I used to feel when I would perform! I am excited for her and all the fun she will be having with this show, I am also grateful for the lesson that I feel I have learned about my children!