Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Parkway 5k Run!

Kaiden ran the parkway run this year! He ran it a couple of years ago and finished around 5o minutes, this time he finished in 31:17 he came in 4th place in the 10 and under age group! He was very excited, and worked really hard. Kevin told me I needed to plan on being at the finish line at about 8:30-8:45 he thought Kaiden would finish in about 40 or 45 minutes and I had my kids and some cousins so I wanted to get there to see him finish but not to early! Well we were about a block away when we saw Kaiden cross, Kevin said "well he just kept running and never got tired and slowed down!" I was sad to miss him crossing the finish line but it was awesome that he did so well!! He gets a really red face everywhere except right on his cheeks so he looks really tired, I asked him if it was hard and he just nodded his head, so I ask if it was fun and he said "ya" then I asked if he wanted to do it again and he said "well not right now but next time they do a race I want to run"!! So I think we can safely say that Kaiden takes after his father! Next time I will go straight to the finish and wait however long it takes, and I will never underestimate Kaiden competitive drive again!

Opening Night!

Well Kaiden and Julianna both did a fabulous job with their parts!! Julianna had the audience laughing and she was sooo cute as a little wolf! Kaiden was a raccoon and they had a cute dance where they shook their tales it was fun! I went to the afternoon show with Evelyn and Kevin went to the evening show so that the kids would have someone at both shows, Eva attended both shows! During the second performance there is a lock smith who had a key but no lock for it and he spends the entire show looking for the lock at the end he finally finds it and there is a huge pause when he realizes that he has found a lock that his key will unlock he said his line "this is my big chance, this is what I have been waiting for" and then he pauses for comedic and dramatic effect well Evelyn felt he should move a litte faster so she yelled to him "well then get to it!" it was pretty funny!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Break A Leg!

Well Kaiden and Julianna went to and audition today for the MO children's theater! They both got parts in a production of Little Red Riding Hood! We are very excited and it is interesting to see my kids doing things that I really loved doing! Julianna is also going to be performing in the musical Suesical at her school on Tuesday so that will be fun for her as well!