Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Pictures!

We got caught in a rain storm which is why we are all wet! We hiked to the top of this small mesa and there were pictographs all over it, the kids loved it! Keith was so funny all the way up he kept saying things like "this is dangerous" and "be careful or you will fall" and then we got to the top and he was running around and getting way to close to the edge! I told him to be careful or he would fall and he said "no I won't" then on the way down he was all caution again! We had a great time in New Mexico, and Kevin enjoyed his week of training!

Family Trips!

We went on many family trips this year the first was to Kentucky to visit our old house and see some Friends! These are not pictures from that trip but they were cute so I put them in. While in KY we cleaned out the house and put it on the market! I spent a lot of days down at Scrap Paper Scizzors making pages! Melissa and I had a great time! The kids loved seeing all their old friends and were sad to miss seeing some of them. Julianna asks to move back all the time she really misses Nikara! We miss KY but we love MO so who knows what the future holds! These photos were taken in New Mexico at the Petroglyph National Monument.