Monday, April 25, 2011


So I don't have much to say about Easter this year, it was fun and low key. We had a nice ham dinner and the kids dyed and hunted eggs, other than that we just hung out.

Julianna's New Year's Eve Party!

So for new years eve this last year I was busy counting inventory at the scrapbook store so I let Julianna invite a few friends to come and scrap with her. Kaiden, Keith, and Kevin playing the wii. They had a great night and it made everything seem to go by a little faster.

The pine wood derby!

So we participated in our very first pinewood derby and it was great fun. Kaiden designed his car with Kevin and cut it out and then Kaiden and I painted it and added fire to the sides. It was fun for Kaiden and the races were exciting in the end Kaiden came in 3rd so he was pretty happy and he has another trophy to add to his running ones.

More Utah.

We had a great time at the wedding Evelyn was happy to be able to see Megan come out of the Temple. We stopped at a military vehicle museum on the way out and we did a little hiking at a rest stop on the way home. We also spent a day walking around Smith & Edwards, the kids loved looking at all the stuff! We mostly just hung out and visited the weather was great until the second to last day and then it started snowing and raining turning the yard into a mud puddle! We started home early and we got lucky with great weather for most of the way, about 3/4 of the way through Nebraska there were high winds and tornados so we stopped for the night at a hotel. We got up on Sunday morning and headed to Saint Joseph for church, that evening we stayed with Adam and Marie again. The kids had a great time playing and visiting. Mon. we made it home without any other problems and life continues uneventful!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our trip to Utah!

So recently we took a trip to Utah to visit family and attend a wedding! It was a lot of fun and the trip was a little more eventful than we are used to. On the way out we made good time, we left our house in KY on Friday evening around 6pm and got to Adam and Marie's place at about 3a.m. we stayed with them for all of Sat. The kids were excited to see cousins and it was a great visit. Marie made arrangements for us to go to a school carnival and so the kids enjoyed the fun and games there, they ate more sugar than I think we had planned but over all it was a great success. Koen and Eli are about the same size so that was fun to see, and Evelyn desperately wanted to stay instead of continueing on but of course that was not an option.

Sunday morning we got up and headed to Saint Joseph, we needed to check on the house up there and I had promised a few of the Young Women in the area that I would stop in and say hi. While the children and I walked around walmart with Marissa Kevin checked on things at the house and finally at about 10am we were on the road again and headed toward Utah! We made great time the kids were entertained with books and a video. We were lucky in that we were able to drive a rental car courtesy of Ford. Once we got into Wyoming the roads of course got a little bad and so we had to slow down, there were signs everywhere warning of black ice and a suggested speed of 45MPH. We passed a wreck involving a semi truck and that looked really bad. A little around midnight we passed through Rawlings we had intended to continue on and make it to my parents house around 3:3oa.m. but they closed I80 so we turned around and headed back into Rawlings where we got a hotel and stayed the night.

Monday morning we got up and headed out finally arriving at my family's house around 1pm. We were glad to arrive safely as the roads were terrible past Rawlings and we passed several accidents in the process of being cleaned up.

It was of course great to see everyone in my family, Miles and Joseph are so grown up I can't believe it every time I see them! When I think of them I think of how they were when I moved out, it is fun to hear there stories and see how they are different but exactly the same as all the rest of us! Of course the cousins had a great time together, Evelyn would love to have a little sister and was in rapture doting on Mari. James and John make Koen look like a baby they are so mature and talking. Kaiden was in heaven to have so many boy cousins his age! Julianna is a little bit the odd one out but she loves being the oldest girl in the group and she love the attention she get from grandma!

I have a lot more to write so I will have to add another post later it is late here and my bed is calling!!