Thursday, June 30, 2011

Off on an Adventure!

So my very good friend Jenny moved away on Tues. it was sad for me, I became very close with her over a short period of time. Jenny had six children and her younger five were all within six months of my five and most of them were the same gender as mine. It was great because whenever we would get together all of the kids had someone to hang out with, and the house was usually peacefully quiet with the sound of children happily playing! Julianna was friends with two of her girls Sophia who is her age and Nadia who is Kaiden's age, they play really well together and they look a lot alike so it seems as though they are sisters and not just friends.

Well right before they left Jenny and I had discussed Julianna going with them since we plan on visiting them in July for a week we could just get her back then. Kevin and I decided that it sounded like a fun opportunity for Julianna and so we let her go. I miss her and she has only been gone for two days so far! It is amazing what a difference just one child makes, I am sure she is having a great time. Julianna has had the opportunity to travel away from family before and she always does really well, she is good with separation. I was like that as a kid and never understood my friends who would get homesick, but as a mom I am homesick for my child! I know Julianna misses us but she is the kind of kid who will focus on the fun she is having and not on what is not available to her. I am proud of her for being able to go and excited for the adventure and fun she will have. It is also nice that her friends who have moved away will get a little more time with her, hopefully it will make the transition a little smoother.

Koen misses Julianna he cried for her last night! He also cried for Kevin who is away at scout camp just for yesterday and today. I was glad Kevin got the opportunity he loves stuff like that. Koen is attached to Julianna in a very special way they have a great bond. I remember having it with my little brothers and that love that they have for each other will help her out as she gets older, I know the love of my little brothers really helped me at times. We will have to do a long post when she gets back and post pictures and details of what she is doing. I know they went to the beach yesterday, Julianna has never been to the Atlantic Ocean so that would have been very cool for her!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Last Sunday we went for a walk and I used Julianna's camera and took a few quick photos. I think they turned out nice for snap shots.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Julianna is 10!

So Julianna turned 10 on May 18th and I am not ready for her to be so grown up! I love how helpful she is and so eager to learn everything. She loves to cook, sew, and of course scrapbook with me. I remember loving some of those things when I was her age. Her hair is slowly returning to blonde, she loves activity days, she loves going to the water park, and she loves hanging out with her friends! She started Gymnastics this last Wed. it was nice to see how quickly she picked up everything, and when the teacher would give her tips on how to do whatever it was better she would listen and then apply it and you could actually see her progress throughout her lesson. I can't wait to see how well she is doing by the end of the summer! There is only one other little girls in the class so it is practically a private lesson! Julianna has decided that being on the cross country team will make her a better gymnast so she will be running with Kaiden, Evelyn, & Keith this fall, we are excited for cross country to begin again.

Julianna got a lot of crafty things for her birthday, she also got a camera she had taken a million pictures so I will load some of those later. She went on her 4th grade field trip to the Cincinnati zoo, it was an overnight trip and she had a great time! Julianna has been wanting an American Girl doll for a few years now and Kevin and I have always told her no, I could never justify the cost. I told her that if she really wanted one she could save up and get one with her own money. She really fell in love with Native American culture after her trip with Bud & Leslie to New Mexico, so the doll that she really wanted was the Kaya doll. Most of the Grandparents sent money for her birthday as that is more cost effective than a gift so she was able to get her doll! It was great to see her think it through and make the decision and she take better care of the doll because she actually understands just how much she cost. Evelyn of course was sad and really wants on for herself but she is in the same boat Julianna was in a few years ago, mom and dad won't pay! The day Kaya came in the mail Julianna told Evelyn "don't worry we will share her" That really impressed me, after all the effort she went through to get her doll and she was willing to share with her little sister who might actually ruin her! It is great to see them growing together and developing a relationship!

We are looking forward to a low key summer, we might go to Virginia Beach later in July but we don't have any trips out west planned. I feel like we need to see a little more in the area we live, plus it is a lot closer! We are going to the water park quite frequently the kids went last night with Kevin and we are going again today. We also have been going to the park a lot and our school her does a free lunch program throughout the summer so we meet up with a few of our friends there and hang out on the playground. The movie theater does free movies on Wed so we do that as well. With all this awesome stuff in the community our summer will be anything but boring!