Friday, July 23, 2010

We Moved! Again!

So I feel like we move a lot, but this time I think it's permanent. So a quick synopsis of the last two years would be... We loved Saint Joseph MO, Kevin liked but did not love teaching! I loved being a YW leader and the kids loved their school. When Kevin decided he wanted to go back to being an engineer it was bittersweet we knew that most likely meant we would have to move. We are excited to be back in Georgetown and Kevin is thrilled to be back with Lexmark, we are not however thrilled to have to unpack. I am sad that we are no longer close to family but I love being near all my KY friends again, it really felt like I was coming home.

Julianna was having a hard time with the idea of moving again she is going into 4th grade and has been in 3 different schools. She will also be missing her very best friend Rachel, but she is excited to be reunited with all her Georgetown buddies especially Nikara.

Kaiden was so excited to move right up until the last week and then he hit it off with a boy in the ward and suddenly moving didn't sound so great anymore. He is excited to be back in KY but he will miss Jared.

Evelyn was sad to leave friends behind and she was even more sad to leave having her own room behind, but she has her best friend Ashleigh so things are right in her world.

Keith was to young to remember KY and he is really to young still to care where he lives as long as he has his family. He does think that the backyard in Georgetown is way way better!

Koen is teething and crawling and climbing on everything!

We are all doing really well and I will be posting pictures later today.