Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Walk in the Park!

when she smiles her whole face lights up!

We went for a walk today after church and while we were out I took a few quick snapshots of the kids!
Keith loves to make funny faces for the camera it is rare that I actually capture his "Smile"
Koen loves to say CHEESE!
And who could stay mad at such a cute face!? No wonder he is never in trouble!
My awesome hubby!

Koen and Evelyn climbing in a tree!
Most of the time these two get along!

When I see these two together it always makes me smile!
Such beautiful sisters!
So much alike and so very different!
Kaiden didn't want to have his picture taken today!
I was trying to get Eva to give me a real smile and so I asked her "how ugly is your dad?" and that go this face from her!

Happy 7th Evelyn!

Evelyn turned 7 while Kevin was away so we waited until he could be with us to have her Birthday party! We played on the slip n' slide, put the sprinkler under the trampoline, and had all the cake and ice cream we could eat! We also had pizza for dinner and ended the day with a movie! She had a great time!

All Hail Power Rangers!

This was some of the hail that came down a couple of weeks ago, it wasn't crazy big but it was the biggest hail I had ever seen, and it was so loud it sounded like the whole house was going to have holes in it! Thankfully Kevin had the car in Lexington so I didn't have to worry about that!

The kids love to watch netflix movies on the computer and I can get them to do almost any chore with the promise of  an episode or two when they are done. Some favorites are Pokemon, Power Rangers, Dinosquad, Dinosaur Train, Curious George, and pretty much any other action cartoon! The pictures below are of the kids watching Power Rangers!

Hanging out!

Hanging out with Dad during scripture time! They really missed him while he was away! 

Koen loves his "Nana" and Julianna love Koen!

Around the House!

So I was air drying Evelyn's comforter and Koen decided that it would make the perfect hideout! He also decided that her Hello Kitty slippers were wonderfully comfortable!

Koen is always wanting to help put away and load the dishwasher! sometimes he uses the door as a trampoline!

Shamrock Shuffle 3K!

At packet pickup, we are all ready with our numbers!
Waiting to meet up with Keith's teacher, we ran in to some friends!
Keith and his teacher are ready to RUN!
At the finish! They did GREAT!
My two tired runners after the race!

Keith had a great time and wants to run it again next year!

Kaiden had a great time and he wants to do it again as well but he was really tired!
Koen loved watching the runners, and even tried to join the fun a couple of times!

Evelyn had a great time, and as usual is all smiles! Keith's teacher was also her teacher so that was fun for her!

Heading back to the car after the race!
While Kevin was in China the boys found out about a fun race on March 17th called the Shamrock Shuffle! Kaiden was very excited to run it and I agreed to take him to the race, Keith also wanted to run but I was a little afraid that with so many runners he would get lost in the shuffle and I wouldn't be able to find him! As the race approached he talked about it with his kindergarten teacher and we found out that she was also going to run the race! She kindly offered to have Keith run with her and so I registered him to run! The night before the race Julianna stayed the night with a friend so it was just me the three boys and Evelyn, we woke up at 5:30am and I printed off directions and we left. We were almost there when I realized that Google and "corrected" the name of the street I was trying to find and we were heading the wrong way! I figured out where we needed to be and we park at a metered parking space. The meter wouldn't accept money until 8am so we would have to come back after the start of the race and put money in and hopefully get to the finish before Kaiden! Kaiden had a goal time of under 14 minutes for the race, Keith didn't set a goal but his teacher was hoping to come in around 20 minutes.  The race was to started and we saw Kaiden and Keith pass and then we ran 4 blocks to the car to put the money in the meter, when we got there it still wouldn't take my money and that is when I read the directions a little more carefully and realized that parking was FREE on the weekends! We ran back to the finish line and were about a block away when Kaiden crossed, he was able to hear me cheer for him! He finished in 13:34 and he won 3rd place in the 10 and under age division. We picked Kaiden up at the end of the shoot and went back to watch for Keith. While watching for Keith we bumped into several friends from church who had people running, it was fun to watch the contestants and cheer with friends. Keith finished at 21:20 with his teacher and she said he did a great job using all of the down hills! I was really glad that they were able to have this fun experience, Kevin is usually the one who does all the race stuff so it was hectic but fun!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


 Some pictures from a family hike we took a few weeks ago. The kids had a blast!