Saturday, January 10, 2009


While in Kentucky staying with the Charles we were able to handle Thoney's snakes! The kids loved it and now they want a python for a pet! Keith liked Brendan's Milipede!Julianna and Evelyn are both holding a corn snake!Julianna and Kaiden are holding Ball Pythons!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Dora & Diego!

Evelyn's favorite show is Dora and or Diego and Keith loves to watch it with her. For those who have never seen this show you are very lucky it drives me nuts!!! However today it was very funny Keith has finally caught on to the fact that they want you to interact so when they ask "where is the rope?" he becomes very concerned that they would not find it and he excitedly says "here it is, here it is" and when they pick the right thing he jumps up and down pumping his fist in the air and says "YES!" it is pretty cute! Nothing holds Keith's attention long but he is glued to Diego its great I can actually get stuff done!