Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Koen Spencer is Here!!

We arrived at the hospital yesterday Sept. 7th at about 8am and they had me all hooked up to IVs and ready for pitocin by 10am! Kevin set up our traditional game of Monopoly and then proceeded to beat me not once but twice! We even tried to cheat a little so that I could win but I just have terrible luck when it come to that game and Kevin is charmed! Well things were going well I was at about a 3.5 around noon Kevin went to get something to eat and the Nurse her name was Sharon asked the Dr. to break my water, so at about 2pm they broke my water and things really picked up after that! At about 3pm I was between 6-7 and by 4pm I was pushing! He was face up so they had to turn him (that was fun!) but he was arrived by 4:11pm! He weighed in at 7lbs 1oz and 20 1/2 inches long.

So far he is a really good baby the nurses in the nursery say that he is one of the calmest babies they have ever seen! Hopefully he keeps this up, most of our babies have been pretty calm with very little crying except when they are hungry so I was glad to hear that Koen fits that mold. He looks the most like Julianna and Kaiden did, his hair is brown but not dark and there is just a tinge of red, so it will be interesting to see what developes. Julianna and Kaiden came by to visit and they are very excited, they both enjoyed holding and loving on him. They like to hear the comparisons between themselves and Koen. I remember when I was a kid I like to hear my mom tell us about our births and what we were like as babies! Keith and Evelyn are with Adam and Marie until tonight so they haven't gotten to see him yet but I imagine that they will be just as excited as the older ones were.

We get to come home today so I am glad for that I always get more rest and feel more relaxed in my own home! I also feel better when I have my kids with me even though it is noisier! I will put up more pics and updates later this week! Kaiden turns 7 on the 12th and he was very excited that Koen was born before his birthday so that we could have the kids ages at 0,2,4,6,& 8!