Friday, November 11, 2011


So Halloween was good, the kids enjoyed the Trunk or Treat they got a ton of candy! On Halloween night Julianna had a friend over and we went out from 6-8pm. We will probably have candy until the end of the world it was ridiculous!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Wreck!

So we left Indianapolis later in the evening and we were due to arrive home by 11:30. I was relieved since we had church the next day and there is always a lot that goes with that. We were waiting at a red light heading straight and when the light turned green I went. I noticed that there was a car that was turning left but I thought they were pulling forward and that they would yield. When I realized that she wasn't going to stop I tried to swerve to avoid the accident. She hit our car with her front end just behind the sliding door on the driver's side. I pulled off the road and immediately checked the kids. Keith had hit his head pretty hard and was upset about that, but the rest of them didn't even know what was happening. They had all been asleep when the accident happened which is good. I have pretty bad whiplash but other than that every one seems fine. Koen was the next closest to the impact but he is also fine. The police showed up and took our statements, we got home around 12:30. I was to wound up to go to sleep and it was 2 am before I was finally able to sleep. I am so thankful that we are all ok, in the light of day I realize how close we were to having a serious injury. If she had just hit us a few inches either way Keith or Koen could have really been hurt.

The Museum with Tim & Angela!

The kids loved the whole museum, my camera ran out of battery half way through so as you see all the fun you have to double it!
Keith and Zack as tera cotta warriors!

Evelyn in the Egyptian archeology exhibit.

Digging up rocks!
Grant loved the Frogs!
Keith and Zack had a great time picking up the rocks and dropping them on the conveyer belt that then took them back to the rock pile! Evelyn figured out what was happening and decided it was a waste of time!

Keith and Zack had a pretty great time together! They really liked the scuba diving

They also really like the train!

Keith Loves his cousin! He was very cute when it came to Zack he was always making sure that he got to have a turn and see everything. When they walked into the Dinosaur area he was very comforting he told Zack "don't worry, don't be scared, they are just bones they are not alive." so cute.

Koen and Grant could be twins they were so cute together!
The boys loved learning about the Dino jaw bones, they paid attention the whole time!

Getting ready to enter the museum we decided Kevin needed a turn as bumble bee!

It was a pretty great day, the kids loved the exploratorium they spent the majority of the time there, unfortunately my battery had died by then. We also were able to enjoy dinner and a pizzeria with Tim & Angela before heading home, it was great to see everyone!

It's RACE Time!

The pictures are backwards for the Marathon going from bottom to top the 5k goes from top to bottom!

We got up at about 6a.m. and had breakfast at our hotel, we then went and parked for the race. We had to walk about a mile to get to the starting line and it wasn't cold but there was a pretty icy wind so we had to try to bundle up! We all stood in line for the porta potty that took about a 1/2 hour, it was interesting to see so many people gathered in one spot just to go to the bathroom. After using the facilities we tried to keep warm as we waited for Kevin's race to begin! Kevin did a little warming up and then it was finally time, we were able to get a good spot to see him start but after that there was no really good place to see him again. Kaiden's 5k started 30 mins. after Kevin so he warmed up and stretched and then got into his starting spot, he wanted to be up front and being small he was able to get right on the line! He started his race and again we were able to see him really well but we were not able to see him out on the course. Evelyn had to pee really bad so while we waited for Kaiden we ran back to the bathrooms, we didn't make it! I didn't have time to go back to the car before Kaiden finished so I decided we would wait and go to the car after, Evelyn refused to wear Kaiden warm up pants so that was frustrating. Kaiden finished and they announced his name and age as he crossed, he got his finisher's metal and then jumped passed the ropes to me because he was having a hard time walking. His thighs and groin muscles were hurting, he stretched out and kept walking around but he seemed to be in pain for the next two hours. He was happy with the effort he gave he said he felt like he shaved 3 minutes off his time, he did get a new PR. Evelyn decided that her pants were dry and didn't want to go to the car, she wanted to be able to see Kevin at mile 17 and if we went to the car we would miss the first bus to the cheer zone and therefore miss Kevin. So we decided to head over to the bus stop, we waited there for about 20 mins. before the bus showed up, Koen fell asleep and stayed asleep for the rest of the race. We arrived at the cheer zone about 10 mins before Kevin came running by looking like he was just out for a jog! He looked really good and the kids were so excited to see him, he was in 6th place at that point. While we waited for him to loop back around Kaiden fell and skinned his knee, and Evelyn and I both stepped in dog poo! Koen blissfully slept through everything! The cheer zone was in the shade so of course we all started to get cold again! The bus came back before Kevin came back and I had to decide if I wanted to stay and see Kevin and mile 21 risking that we would miss him finish or go back and for sure see him finish. I figured he would appreciate it more if we stayed so we did. He came back by about 3 mins after the bus left and it was another 25 mins before the bus came back, I was sure we would miss seeing him finish. When we got to the finish line the time on the clock was still under 3 hours so I was hopeful that we hadn't missed him, we got in a good position and waited. After about 2 mins. the kids were convinced he had already finished and we were wasting our time. I was sure we hadn't missed him yet, we waited until 3hours 10 mins. and the first girl finisher was crossing and then I decided that we must have missed him some how and we went looking for him! He crossed the finish line at 3 hours 13 mins he literally rounded the corner as we walked away!!!! We were able to catch up with him in the shoot! He looked pretty tired but he seemed fine. We went and ate our Lunch and then met up with Tim and Angela! It was a pretty great race!

Koen was super tired after the 5k so he took a little nap!

Kaiden had a good strong start and he ran hard the whole way finishing at 22:35! He came in 20th over all there were over 600 runners. He took 1st in the 10 and under age group.
Kaiden at the start of the 5k

Kaiden coming toward the finish. He is the one in the red shirt. Super small rounding the corner.Kaiden crossing the finish line of the 5k

Kevin coming back around at mile 21 he still looks great! The kids were so excited to be able to cheer for him!Kevin running past at mile 17 he looks great!!

waiting for the bus to take us to the cheer zone at mile 17 and 21!

Waiting for the Marathon to start.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Indianapolis for Fall Break!

Our trip to Indianapolis for Kevin's marathon was really fun we left Fri morning and spent the rest of the day at the Indianapolis Children's Museum. The pictures are not really in the right order but you still get the idea. After the museum we went and picked up Kevin and Kaiden's race packets and then had a nice relaxing dinner at Bob Evan's restaurant the kids loved it and were so good. Once we got to our hotel some of them went swimming with Kevin for a little while, Kaiden chose to stay with me in the room and watch cartoons. Julianna cut the heal of her foot open while opening the door to the pool, on the way back to the room, so she was upset about that. Over all, the day went well and we had a great time, we were able to get in bed fairly early in preparation for the race on Sat. I will post all about the race later.

This is a picture of the kids on a Nile crocodile. The journey to Egypt exhibit was pretty fun but I didn't get any pictures. It was the last one we did this day and I was exhausted!

The kids loved the frog exhibit, they had about 30 live frogs in terrariums that we could see and read about. Because of the glass I was not able to get pictures, one of the frogs was about the size of Koen's head! The kids also got to play the froggyland game and get a little prize and the end, they loved it! Keith really loved dressing up as a frog and jumping around the Lilly pads!

The dinosaurs were the favorite of the day, we spent almost two hours at this exhibit. There were scientist jackets that they got to wear while they examined bones, and a dinosaur suit they could wear and play in the dino nest. Kaiden loved this spot the best, Keith was torn between this and the frogs! They even got to touch an actual T-Rex fossil!

This was another archeology spot, the kids learned about the terracotta soldiers that were found and they even got to excavate their own soldier! There was also an Egyptian dig that the kids did but I must have missed getting pictures.

This was the underwater archeology exhibit. Keith really got into the idea that he was under water in one of the pictures you can tell he is holding his breath! They got to measure old cannons from a ship wreck!

After the Bat show the kids did a little entertaining on the stage for us!

Bats!! There was a special bat show so we got tickets and went, the kids loved it. They tried to get as close as they could when the guy walked around with the bats. All of the bats that he had were injured and unable to fly. They were pretty neat and we learned a lot of stuff that we didn't know before.

Koen loved the trains there were a tone of them including this huge one that you could "ride" on. They had a video of passing scenery going outside of one whole side of the train along with sound effects so it felt like you were on a moving train. This train was brought into the building once the foundation was set and the rest of the building was built around it.

At the entrance to the Children's museum the kids all took a turn as a vampire or a bat. The museum has a huge haunted house going and there were witches and vampires walking around. We skipped it since it didn't seam like our kid's were quite old enough to appreciate being scared!

Eating lunchables! In the car on the way to Indianapolis, the kids love lunchables and we never get them so I thought for a special treat on this trip we could have them for lunch. They decided they like the pizza ones the best so that is what they are eating.
There was a Barbie fashion exhibit, Evleyn loved it! You could do Barbie's makeup her hair and design an outfit for her. there were tons of Barbies for the kids to play with and dress up. There were also dress up outfits you could put on and then walk the runway! there were fake cameras and a dj stand that the boys really liked.