Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our Family Vacation!

Out trip to Virginia went really well, the drive did not feel nearly as long as the one to St. Joe. We did get a blow out on the way there but Kevin quickly fixed it and the kids sat very patiently on the guard rail on the side of the road, we were only about 20 miles away so the doughnut tire got us there safely and the next day Kevin replaced the tire. It was really great to be back with Julianna we really missed her.

We spent a day at Virginia Beach the kids loved riding the waves, I got tossed under a few times when I was busy watching kids and not the ocean! The kids made fun of me because I spent the day telling them "never turn your back on the ocean" and then I did and got pulled under, thankfully we all had fun and no one really got hurt other than a few scraped knees. There was a cheesy little circus performance on the boardwalk in the evening and the kids really liked that. The man on stilts freaked them out a little, at first they didn't see him approach and then when they realized he was there they all took a startled step back. It was hilarious! On the way there and back you have to go through a tunnel that goes under the bay, definitely not my favorite thing!!! I bit off every single one of my beautiful long nails, so now they are all ragged and nasty again.

We went into Richmond and toured the Maymont estate it was built 3 years after the house we live in now so it was fun to see what our house would have been like in that time. It was around 100 degrees that day and most of the estate tour was outside so we were all drenched in sweat and very tired by the time we got home, the kids agreed that even though it was super hot it was fun and they loved it. Keith proclaimed it to be the best day of his life. After we got back to the Galitsky's Kevin took the bigger kids to the pool and I put the little guys down for a nap. By bigger guys I mean all of mine except Koen and all of Jen's except Elsie! So he had 8 kids at the pool! Let's here it for Kevin! It was nice to have a pool just down the street the kids spent a lot of time there.

On Friday we decided to go up to DC and go to an aquarium and then in the evening drive the monument mall, it was just to hot to hike around another day. On the way up we stopped at a gas station for a potty break and they didn't have a public rest room, once we got back in the car I commented to Kevin on how oppressively hot it was outside. We started talking about the pioneers and how no matter what happens in our life it is no where near like having to pack up your belonging and walk out into this open unending field pulling a cart. No roads, no A/C, I really appreciate that I am not living in that time. We found a McDonald's to do the bathroom break and when we got back in the car it wouldn't start! I was pretty sure it wasn't the starter because there was no clicking sounds when he turned the key, so that left battery and alternator, or something extreme! I took the kids into the play place and Kevin went to work 4 hours later we paid an outrageous amount for a new battery and were back on our way. It was to late to go to the aquarium so we went to dinner and then drove over the bay bridge ( it was a very questionable bridge and for a minute I didn't think we would make it). We also went to the Peeps store (I hate those things but it was fun). We got to the Temple just as they closed the gates, it was still pretty to see from a distance, we then decided to drive down to monument mall and take a look around. We got to the Washington Monument around 12 midnight the kids were tired but they were troopers and since it had cooled down to a balmy 90 degrees we got out a hiked around a little. Evelyn really had to pee and her shoes were hurting her foot so Kevin carried her and Koen and then he added Keith who was walking like a drunk he was so tired. Evelyn peed her pants before we could get to a bathroom and so she finished the trip with a pillow case skirt. When we got back in the car traffic was not to bad so we drove around and then headed back to the Galitsky's. We got to their house a little before 3 am so the next morning Kevin let me sleep in while he packed the car, then he took a nap while I took the kids to the pool and we hit the road around 5pm. We got home at 3am and it was great to be home, church was hard the next day but our nursery kids are great and it was good to be back!

It was a very relaxing time, and now we are busy getting everything in order for school! We start here on the ninth of August, and this year all but one will go! Just me and Koen kicking it around the house what will I do...

I will try to post pics as soon as I get them from Jen, I didn't have my camera with me!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It feels like we have moved again!

We have so many new pieces of furniture and organizational things in our home that I feel like we have moved again. I have spent the last week cleaning and throwing things away and trying to get the house more organized so that when school starts again things will run smoothly! A friend of mine gave me a set of 8 lockers that we have by the back door and we will be using these for the kids to keep jackets, backpacks, and other misc. items that they take with them when they are on the go. I also have a ton of totes and desks that we had to find a place for as well as another table! It has been fun getting things out and unpacked and put away. It is also nice to finally have a couch to sit on. When we moved from Missouri we left our couches and so it has almost been a year without comfy seating at our house.

Evelyn now has a day bed a corner desk and her own room! Kaiden, Keith, & Koen are all in one room with a bunk bed and toddler bed they have three matching white dressers so the boys don't share drawers anymore which is nice. Keith had a tendency to throw clothes on the floor while looking for something to wear and I am hoping that not have to dig through Kaiden's clothes will help with that. Koen is doing great in his "big kid" bed he is pretty good at staying in it once I put him there, a nice surprise. Our upstairs foyer is officially the family room we have a couch and love seat up there with a small tv. It is a nice comfy layout, we also turned the closet into the "toy closet" and added a lock so the kids can't get into anything without permission. Julianna's room is still pretty much the same she has always had a really nice bedroom set, she was so happy when we moved Evelyn out of her room. Julianna likes her things to be just so and Evelyn likes them in a totally different way but they both like things neat it is funny to see the two different personalities.

We have the living room downstairs converted into a formal living room. I have a really nice couch and chair set in their with two book shelves and a TV cabinet that is solid maple. The whole feel of that room is really nice now and the kids have been informed that they are not allowed in their without an invitation! I made a mini craft room back by the Laundry room and the dining room has two tables and the computer desk for now but I am sure we will rearrange those things soon. Our room still looks like a bomb exploded in it but slowly I hope that everything will get in it's place. When I am all done I will take pictures and post them!

We will be leaving soon to go to Virginia for vacation. It will be fun to see DC and the beach, it will also be very nice to all be together again. School starts again on the 5th of August and I have mixed feeling about that. I am excited for Keith to start Kindergarten and I know he is looking forward to it, but at the same time it means he is growing up!