Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cross Country

Some of the kids are doing cross country this year. It has been really fun and interesting to see them try so hard to do their best.

Julianna doesn't really care for running but she sticks with it and does a really good job. This last week they had a meet and they ran a 1.8 mile course, Julianna's time contributed to the team score and she was really proud of that. Julianna's time was 16:41, her team came in 4th.

Kaiden of course is really into running and does well at each event that he participates in. He ran his 1.8 in 13:05 he came in 18th place. His couch would like him to learn to run with his arms, he tends to hold his shoulders up and keeps is hands by his sides. He kind of looks like a gorilla when he runs, but clearly he is fast so he must be doing something right!

Keith is determined to be great so he tries very hard to be like Kaiden. He ran is 1.8 in 20:02 his time also contributed to the team score they came in 8th (which was not last and the 4 & 5 runners were the two kindergarteners on the team) He was very proud of the fact that he was asked to pass the two kids who had been in front of him the whole race and he actually ended up passing four. He tripped and the beginning and then fell in the middle and tripped again at the finish, he woke up this morning with his eyes so swollen that I kept him home from church. I think his face plant into the field caused his allergies to act up.

All of the kids are really great and give everything they have each time. It is nice to see them work hard and then do well. I hope they continue to love it.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

School is in session.

Well school started on August 7th so we have been going for a month now. The kids all love their teachers and are really excited each day to go.

Koen turned to on Wed. it was fun to see him get so excited for his cupcakes! He is a little beastie always into everything. He seems to have no fear of consequences and no sense of self preservation. He loves his sister Julianna and will sometimes choose her over mom or dad, he also loves his dog and sleeps with her at night. It is fun to sneak into his room and watch him play with his siblings he always wants to be doing the exact thing they are!

Keith is in Kindergarten this year and has the same teacher that Evelyn had last year. He loves her, she sent a note home telling him what a great kid he was and how much she loves teaching him, he carried it around for the whole day! He is well behaved at school and does his work well, I wish I knew what magic I could use to get him to be that way at home. His teacher told him that he was smart and he said to me this morning "I am not smarter than a first grader because I don't know how to read. But I am smart because I know what 2+2 is." It was cute. Keith turns 5 of Thursday next week and he is going to have a pirate party if I can get my act together! He is loving cross country and it is fun to watch him run, he looks exactly like Kaiden only smaller. He placed 25th in last week at his meet and got a fun horse shoe medal, he is very proud of it and carries it everywhere.

Evelyn is loving first grade she loves her teacher and LOVES reading. She has chosen not to do cross country this year, she doesn't enjoy it and so we decided not to force the issue. She would really like to start doing a dance class but I am not sure I can add something to my schedule right now! I love watching her choose her outfits every morning she has such a specific idea of what she wants to wear each day. She is still very well behaved at school and works hard on her homework without prompting from me. She is trying to keep her room clean for the rest of the year in the hope that we will get her an American girl doll for Christmas, we will see.

Kaiden is officially a 3rd grader, he loves his teacher and he loves MATH! He really enjoys art, and his penmanship is amazing! he of course loves running and has starting running with the middle school team because he says "the longer distance is more fun" I personally think he is crazy! He did well at his meet last week taking first place, he received a nice plaque that he has displayed on his dresser. His teacher is a runner so it is fun for him to share his race times with her. He still loves school but he is starting to get lazy with his homework, I have to remind him several times. He is also in scouts and next week will be going into Bears. His Birthday is on Monday and he is also having a pirate party, I was hoping to be able to combine birthdays!

Julianna is in 5th grade and I can't believe how fast she has grown up! She is liking this year better than last year so far, I think she is more comfortable now that we have been here a year. She loves her teacher who is pregnant with twins due in Oct. she can't wait for the babies to be born. She told me a couple of days ago that she wants another baby sister. I asked "what if it ends up a boy?" her reply "then we will have to have two more girls." I am not sure that three more kids are in the cards!!! She is a great help around the house and with the other kids, she is always willing to pitch in and get things done. Julianna is loving gymnastics and last week she got advance into division 2, she is pretty excited about that and is always practicing whenever she can find a space big enough.

I will try to post a few pictures of our meets and other randomness soon.

I missed Aug.!!

I am so frustrated I missed posting in August, it was my goal to post at least once each month. Well we are all doing pretty well no one had been sick for a while and that has been nice. School is back in and we are steadily getting used to the routine of things. Cross Country has started and Kaiden of course loves it while the other kids tolerate it.