Thursday, February 5, 2009

We Had A Little Scare!

Julianna had to come home early from school today so I knew Kaiden would be getting off the bus on his own this is not a problem he usually does this twice a week when Julianna stays after for a tutoring program. Anyway today it was about 15 minutes past the normal time that he gets home and still no sign of him so I headed out to see if I met up with him on his way home. I got all the way to the bus stop and still no Kaiden. I went over to the neighbor's house (they also have kids who ride the bus) and she didn't know if the bus had come because it is her grandchildren and they are out of town with parents on a vacation. I then saw a little kid riding his bike he also rides Kaiden's bus, I asked him if he rode the bus today and he said he had so I asked if Kaiden had been on the bus and he said "ya he went up the alley" I am freaking out because I came down the alley when I was on my way to the bus! I ran all the way home and Kaiden was there! He had come into the back yard and spent about 20 minutes picking up rocks since it is such a beautiful day today! We had a little talk about coming straight home and then playing but I was soooo freaked out for about five minutes.